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Why my business isn't growing

Why my business isn't growing

One of the biggest challenges I’m facing in Rocking right now is that we’re just spread too thin. We’ve tried to be everything to everyone, and in the process, we’ve just created a chaos monster.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s business as usual and we deliver what our clients need, but it takes a toll on us internally. When prospective clients ask me what we do, my elevator pitch quickly turns into a varsity lecture.

We decided some time ago to begin scaling back on what we do, doing fewer things, more focused, and delivering better to our clients. This isn’t without its challenges though.

But I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about “niching down.” That’s the term all the cool kids use, but essentially it’s just about being hyper-focused.

Niching down can take on a couple of different forms. You can either pick a specific industry and focus on selling products to certain types of clients. Or you can focus on a specific product and only deliver that one product to clients, becoming the expert in that product.

Either way, it feels a little counterintuitive to go that route. I know the natural entrepreneur instinct inside me wants to reach everyone everywhere, but that’s usually the wrong answer.

Warren Buffet is a good example here. He’s stuck to doing one thing his entire life and doing it the same way. He has a framework he uses and he has kept to that for 60+ years. Now he’s the most successful investor in history.

Diane Hendricks. She’s the richest self-made woman in America. She runs a roofing company. They do roofing and focus on that. They didn’t branch out to plumbing, tiling, and driveways.

But it’s easy to pick on the big billionaires and make these bold statements, but how does that really work for us as small business guys? The solopreneurs?

Well, I watched a video last night (embedded below) that’s actually a fantastic example. This woman sells a product to registered dietitians that helps them bill insurance companies properly. Super niche and hyper-specific, right?

She has 5800 Instagram followers and 2700 newsletter subscribers and makes $1 million a year.

She makes content specific to her audience, answers their questions, and then sells them a product that helps them.

She doesn’t have millions of subscribers and a staggering audience.

So, as a small business, how focused are you? Or are you out there trying to sell everything to everyone while you can’t understand why it’s not working?

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