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The new digital frontier

The new digital frontier
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💡 E-Learning: The Future of Education

The e-learning world is booming. With more people dodging traditional college debt, the hunt for alternative learning methods is on. Traditional education often equates learning with earning a costly degree. But what if you could gain critical skills without the financial burden? Online courses are stepping up, offering essential job skills at a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree. This shift is democratizing education, making job readiness more accessible.

For businesses, this is a golden opportunity. Imagine you manufacture solar panels. Creating courses about your products can educate your customers and installers, leading to better installations and happier clients. Offering certificates can also boost their professional credibility.

But don't stop at courses. Build a community. Charge a monthly fee and provide a platform where installers can share tips, get support, and stay updated. This not only retains them but also fosters a loyal user base.

In summary, companies should prioritize special courses and community building for their products. It’s a win-win: educating users while cultivating a dedicated, skilled group of professionals. Stay ahead in your field by focusing on education and community—they’re the future.

🖥️ The Tech Understanding Gap

After over two decades in the IT world, one thing remains clear: users often don’t truly understand the technology they use daily. Most rely on rote learning for their tasks. When systems deviate or act up, it all falls apart.

In today’s businesses, mastering the tech stack is crucial for job performance. Better tech skills = more promotion opportunities. It's that simple.

🌐 Community Platforms: My Experience

I’ve been bullish on communities for years, experimenting with platforms like Slack, Discord, Circle, and Skool. Lately, I’ve been exploring the community and course features in GHL, which we’re rebranding as LeadDash. Ironically, I have three ideas for different communities, but no single platform fits all. So, I’ll end up using GHL, Circle, and Skool.

What do you think of current community platforms? Share your thoughts!

💪 Embracing Struggle

Struggle isn't just a part of life; it's a hidden opportunity. Most breakthroughs come from our toughest times. Let’s reframe struggle: it’s often through overcoming challenges that we discover our potential. Struggle teaches resilience, fosters creativity, and builds character.

To turn struggle into a positive force, acknowledge the difficulty without letting it define you. Use it as a catalyst for innovation. Every struggle is a chance to learn about ourselves and the world. It’s the foundation for growth.

Approach each challenge with curiosity. Ask, "What can this teach me?" Use struggles as stepping stones rather than barriers. Remember, the hardest battles often lead to the greatest triumphs. Keep pushing forward and embrace each challenge as a path to mastering your destiny.

🔧 Understanding Tech at Work

We recently took on a new client with a WordPress site managed by an in-house person. We use extensive CDN and caching, so I prefer updates on a staging server. However, the 'web person' wasn’t actually using the staging site, leading to confusion and lost changes.

This highlighted a common issue: employees tasked with tech roles without proper training. They often rely on memorized steps without a deeper understanding. Businesses should invest in training to enhance proficiency and reduce reliance on external fixes. Understanding the technology you use is paramount.

📧 The Power of Email

Back in the day, before Twitter and Facebook, finding and updating customers was done via email. Now, with social media’s algorithm focus and shadow bans, email is making a comeback. Social media platforms show content to only a fraction of followers.

Start building a mailing list. There are plenty of services out there, and they all function similarly. Keep providing value in your emails to retain subscribers and encourage them to share your content.

That's it for this week! Remember, education and community are the keys to staying ahead in the tech world. Embrace challenges, understand your tools, and leverage the power of email. See you next week!

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