Posting more drives traffic

Posting more drives traffic

This is one of those conventional wisdoms, that I had to test for myself. Does posting more really drive more traffic, and the simple answer is yes.

Granted the bulk of my site traffic comes from shorts, I stopped posting for half of November and definately saw a dip in traffic and in subs.

Regular format videos seem unaffected though. It would however benefit the channel to drive the views on these videos up more, although I don't post long format vidoes nearly as much as I should. This is a work in progress and I'll be writing about this a lot more in future months.

Shorts is where the real hit came in. You'll see on the below graph the spikes on the left and right. Those are the views a short garners. Most of my shorts 'pop' to about 500 or 1000 views, and occasionally one will go to 5k.

The gap in the middle is where I didn't post anything and traffic levels were pretty flat, and it's driven largely by search. So while shorts have value (bulk of my views and subs) they require the most work and the most mainentenance.