Join the rebellion

Join the rebellion

Yes, I have a paid for membership section on my site. What's it for? Well I'm glad you asked.

After more than 2 decades hacking my way through the world of IT and life, there are a lot of tools and tips and tricks I like to give to people. The problem is that dishing everything out for free doesn't pay the rent.

So here, for $5 a month, I've got a place to share everything I have, give you access to me, and make a little of the side to cover some bill.

Of course, it's not practical for me to have thousands of people join, so the membership option is only availble for the first 1000 people. You'll get access to Discord, and I'll freely dish out everything I can.


90% of everything is free. So if you just want the newsletter, some behind the scenes stuff and the odd gold nugget, then this is where you want to be.

The Posse

The kitchen sink. The whole enchilada. This is it, this is where it's at.

  • All the stuffs, and the Discords