What a time to be alive. Between the massive strides in AI and every manufacturer racing to get an electric car to market, it's popcorn and movie time.

The EV race is heating up significantly, we're seeing more and more models coming to market from just about everyone.

Notably, people are venturing out on longer and longer road trips, testing charging stations and figuring out the logistics. I was one of the first to take an eGolf on a road trip, which was both a success but in some ways a disaster too.

I'm keen to get my hands on move EV's and do longer trips. They will of course be documented on my YouTube Channel.

Speaking of YouTube, I've decided to take the channel in a slightly different direction. I'll keep doing the cars, and specifically the shorts, they seem to convert well. But I want to do more long form video, and not just car reviews.

I'll be branching out into the world of tech a little more too. Not run of the mill consumer tech (think reviewing iPhones etc), but taking more complicated tech and making it simpler to understand.

I figured I'd start with the Internet, seen as though that's the glue that keeps it all together, and I happen to run an ISP. How does the Internet work? What goes on behind the scenes etc.

A good jumping off point would be peering. So I'll make a few videos about that, and write some more about peering here over the next few weeks.

Speaking of peering, I'm off to Accra for a week to attend AfPIF.

AfPIF | The African Peering & Interconnection Forum

While I'm pretty active in the NOG scene in South Africa I haven't really attended much in the way of international networking conferences.

Thanks to INX I'll be there all of next week.

My goal with this newsletter at the beginning of last year was really to just make tech simple and understandable to people. Same with cars. But to be fair, I haven't given it the focus and attention I should have, life got in the way, but it's something I feel relatively passionate about and certainly is something I want to pursue.

So for the rest of the year, I'm aiming to take some of the more complex things in tech and explain them more simply for everyone to understand.

Let's get back on track