Hey remember me?

Hey remember me?
Audi R8 driving past 12 apostles. Motionblur. Hyper-realistic. --ar 16:9 --v 5.1

It's amazing how life gets crazy and how many things can come to a grinding halt.

I set off in January with the goal of getting Rocking One launched. But found myself side tracked with un-reasonable amounts of load-shedding. Try running an ISP in the midst of the government turning your power off multiple times a day.

Let's start with Rocking Connect. March was 10 years since I accidentally started Rocking Connect. (That's a story for another day though).

As I said, the challenges of running an ISP in the South African market right now are not trivial. Lots of big players with deep pockets, constant power issues, customers struggling for cash. It's a lot to deal with all at once.

We're ticking along, but I don't see this buying me an R8 anytime soon.

That's the real reason I've been so dead set on getting Rocking One off the ground. I want to build a company free of geographical restrictions. That will allow me more time freedom and money freedom (yes, that's Tate's 3 freedoms).

So Rocking One then. I started hard down the Discord route. I thought that would be the best platform to build a tech support business on. After all, Mid-Journey is doing pretty well over there.

But here's the thing. When I break down the ideal avatar, the ideal customer, they're on the less technologically inclined side of the scale. Sending someone deep into the bowels of discord looking for help with tech is likely going to end in tears.

So where to now?

At the end of February, one insomnia ridden night, lying on the couch watching YouTube I stumbled across a video of Ali Abdaal breaking down how he made more than $4mill last year on YouTube. Pretty impressive.

Turns out he's been teaching people to do the same since 2020. He calls it PTYA, Part-Time YouTuber Academy. This was going to be his last rodeo, the final cohort. It was now or never to get in there and learn from the master.

One thing led to another and I found myself in the cohort and learning more about YouTube. Embarrassingly, I've been making videos on YouTube since 2015, and I have repeatedly made all the rookie errors. Ali breaks it down in a way that is simple, and leaves you feeling like a bit of a dipstick for not having thought of it yourself.

But I digress, I'll talk more about YouTube in another post.

What stood our for me was the platform he used to host the live cohort on. Circle. I'd come across it once or twice before, but never taken it too seriously or had a proper look at it. Now I was in it, part of someone else's community and loving it.

You know what happened next right?

Yup, Rocking One found a new home on Circle, and I'm quite chuffed.

There is still a lot we need to figure out, my attention is divided between trying to make better YouTube videos and keeping Rocking Connect from sinking.

But the community has been built, and ready to accept paying customers. Of course, if you want access for free, reply to this email and I'll hook you up.

So what's left? Well, simply, we need to populate it with more content and get Rocking One to look busier.

I'll start with that tomorrow, promise.