Has technology peaked?

Has technology peaked?
Photo by Daniel Romero / Unsplash

This week saw the beginning of "techtember and techtober". The time of the year where most tech companies drop their hot new products and get them to market in time for the end of year holiday season.

But we're off to an interesting start. Apple launched the new Apple Watch, which is well, the same as the old one except it's got a few extra features that notify people if you crash.

New Airpods. Yup, same as the old ones, just, well, better nosie cancelling.

New iPhone 14. Sure, better camera, but the iPhone 13 I carry is already more camera than I can use. I will admit the crash detection in the iPhone 14 is a pretty near feature you hope you never have to use.

Insta360 also came to the party with the new X3. I've watched a dozen reviews, and well, if you have an X2, you basically just get a bigger screen. Which is nice, but is is worth an extra $500?

So this got me thinking about the future trajectory of new tech. No one is coming to market with breakout technology. Everything we see, pretty much everywhere is an incremental improvement on the version that has gone before.

I don't own a 360 camera, and I would like to get one, so the X3 would be the obvious answer. But I have an iPhone 13 Pro, and I cannot for the life of me justify spending $1000+ on the iPhone 14 Pro.

How will this impact company share price? How much of a companies value is built around pushing out new products and convincing the market that they all need to buy the new shiny thing?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for new tech, but the new tech isn't new enough to get my interest. Have we peaked?