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Entrepreneurship is like surviving in the wild.

Entrepreneurship is like surviving in the wild.

Running a business in some ways isn't very different to surviving in the wild.

You really have very little control, and no idea what's behind the next bush. Could be food, could be death.

But the same way that one would survive in the wild, is the way you survive being an Entrepreneur. You have to find the right tools to do what needs to be done.

It's not always very pretty either. Some day are a feast, and some days are a famine. You really have to get you hands dirty to make the most of it.

In the wild you'd be forging hammers out of rocks, and using sticks to make weapons. In business, you want to be grabbing onto anything that gives you an edge, or helps protect you from the enemy.

The more and more we do business digitally, the more and more the tools become digital. Think about your business, and the tools you use on a daily bases.

Your accounting software (we use Xero in Rocking). Word, Excel. What email client do you use? There are all tools that get you through each day and allow you manage friends and foes, suppliers and customers.

But how much time do we actually spend trying new things? Seeing if they make our business better, and if we can do more with them and get further down the road.

Ultimately the microprocessor changed the course of the world. At a client recently we were having a bit of a laugh at how uptight people get when they can't do something 'right now'.

But 3 decades ago, you couldn't email, or text, or Zoom like you can today. You'd have to make a phone call, hope the person was close by, or write them a letter. The Internet wasn't really a thing yet.

Today we have so many ways of communicating and so many tools at our disposal.

I'll be honest though, I take this to the extreme. I love testing new thing. Recently I spent about a month playing with ClickUp. It's a project management / documents / communication type platform and they brand themselves as the "Everything App for Work"

It's a solid platform to be sure, and I really enjoyed using it. But moving away from the other tools we use right now isn't something we need to be pouring our energy into.

But it's useful to see how these tools work. They give you ideas around how to create better systems inside your business.

These tools help in other ways too. I'm quite ADD, have been my whole life. Over the years I've managed to find tools to help me manage that, I recently tweeted about it too, and a number of people messaged me to share how they identify.

I think the tool that will ultimately shame the world more than any will be AI.

Think of AI as the digital version of inventing the wheel. Absolutely everything in the future, one way or another will use, depend, or be AI.

Much like the Internet. Think of that link the invention of fire. Once we figured that much out, life changed, the world was different and society progressed.

So here's what I think every Entrepreneur should be doing. Learn more about AI.

Even if you just invest 20min a day reading about AI, watching a few YouTube videos or messing around with ChatGPT. The returns on your time over the long haul will be immense.

So this weekly newsletter isn't written in AI, and never will be. This is me whacking my keyboard trying to get my ADD thoughts out here.

But I have been spending a lot of time, digging into my own life and my own business figuring out how to use AI to do things better, and more quickly.

One of the things I have done, is managed to get a couple of prompts that make writing much quicker without losing my own tone and input.

So now I'm able to launch a dozen different newsletters, than aren't generic, and actually add value to people's lives. I can produce them quicker, more accurately and much more consistently.

Think about the tools you use in your business. How they can make your business better and more profitable.

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Shawn Jooste

Shawn loves fast cars and great tech.

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