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Are you afraid AI will take your job?

Are you afraid AI will take your job?
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At a recent conference I sat through a talk on AI. Nothing much new, just the usual "get the prompt right" kinda stuff.

Andre turns to me mid way though and drops a nugget that's been on the back of my mind since.

AI won't take your job. AI will become your job

As with any new technology that comes out there is a certain amount fear mongering, especially when people sense some incoming change.

Since the rise of Chat GPT everyone has been pointing to the death of their job, or of someone they know's job. And yes, there is a certain amount of that happening, but this isn't anything new in history either.

The industrial revolution saw the rise of blue collar workers as everyone flocked to cities off farms. Then we saw the rise of white collar workers replacing blue collar workers as microchips started doing our jobs.

Now it's the rise of AI. In every iteration of industrial change there has been some upheaval, but humans have always found their place in the new world.

AI is the next version of this industrial and societal change. To be honest though I think it'll have biggest impact with the least amount of damage.

Let me explain.

In the early 1900's a container ship made it's way into a harbour and it would take dozens of men a month to unpack it. Today one guy with a crane can clear a ship in a few hours.

What happened to all those other guys? They found jobs elsewhere doing something else.

I don't think AI will have the same effect though. I don't think it'll replace as many jobs as we think it will. It'll largely enable people to be better at their jobs.

At it's core AI removes a ton of redundancy that we as humans are so good at getting stuck at. Rather than having to pour through hundreds of pages of research, an AI tool can summarise it and help you keep context of a large amount of data.

So what do you do with the new found time if AI is doing the mundane work for you? Simple, you get better at the human stuff.

One of the limiting factors to being a human being (unless you're Elon Musk) is that we have limitations in our cognitive capabilities.

Our brains can only process so much at once, that's why you get tired, need 8 hours sleep and get cranky when you don't get enough sleep.

AI presents a real solution to the above problem. Using the right tools for the right things takes a load off us cognitively.

With a lighter cognitive load we get to be better human beings and we get to do more awesome things.

I'm bullish on AI and looking at more and more ways that I can integrate it into more places in my life and take a bigger load off cognitively.

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